Our Services 

ShipSí Miami

We take care of your Stuff!

Did you make many purchases and send them out of the United States is very expensive, or are you afraid that they will never arrive to your destination?

The Hotels charge you a lot of money for keeping your bags, or do they do it for a limited time?

Are you worried that your purchases do not arrive on time?

Are you going to enjoy a cruise and do not want to carry all your suitcases?

Or are you going to travel several destinations and prefer to travel lighter?

In ShipSí we have the solutions for you


We Store your Packages 

How it Works: 

  1. Register at ShipSí

  2. Shop online at your favorite store

  3. Send your purchases to our deposit

  4. You will get a confirmation when we receive your purchases

  5. Unlimited deposit time

  6. When you reach to Miami we deliver where you are


  • U$D 6 Per package 

We Store you Luggage 

  1. How does it work:

  2. Drop Your Bags

  3. We keep your bags in an air-conditioned environment

  4. Unlimited Time

  5. Baggage insurance in warehouse

  6. We weigh your bags 

  7. Costs:

  8. U$D 14 per bag

  9. Pick up and delivery starting at U$D 15 - depending on destination